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Cos d’ Estournel – St Estephe

Fascinating, Opulent, Voluptuous

The call of faraway lands. As mysterious and intriguing as a lone adventurer returning from a solitary sail, Cos d’Estournel is slow to reveal itself. Little by little, it evokes stories of distant places, market stalls brimming with unfamiliar fruits, spices and wares, village festivities warmed by the joy of revelers and the setting sun, and sumptuous visions of ladies and their voluptuous curves. A myriad of scents, colors and tastes appeals to the senses. The Grand Vin of Cos d’Estournel is both demure and deliberately sensuous, a fascinating and elegant nectar.

Region:Bordeaux, France
Grape:Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc
Tasting Note:Black fruits on the nose, sleek tasting on the palate, tannic structure of a high density while retaining a fine-grain, make an opulent wine full of extravagance. At the same time powerful and velvety, generous and fresh.
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