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Miguel Torres ‘Cordillera’ Sauvignon Blanc


We are always searching for places with the right conditions to produce exceptional wines. We found such a place in Osorno Valley, at only 51 meters above sea level, nestled into the foothills of the coastal mountains which quickly climb to 1,100 meters. They offer a natural barrier that protects the vineyards
from the intense Valdiviana rains. This enclave brings us an exceptionally refined and elegant expression of Sauvignon Blanc.

Region :Osorno Valley, Chile
Grape:Sauvignon Blanc
Tasting Note:Brilliant, pale yellow color with a greenish hue. The nose reveals intense citrus aromas with notes of yellow pepper and ají chili pepper that are typical for the region's Sauvignon Blanc. The palate displays notable acidity, resulting in a particularly fresh wine with a mineral streak. Long and balanced on the finish, with a lingering sensation of fruit.
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