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Luigi Bosca Malbec


Luigi Bosca Malbec is a wine of intense red color, with aromas defined ripe red fruits, spices and black pepper. The intensity of his entrance in the mouth is complemented by the softness and sweetness of the tannins, respecting the characteristics of the grape in Argentina. Pure red, wide-body, structure, character and all the juiciness typical of the variety. Stay long and elegant mouth end.

Region:Mendoza, Argentina
Tasting Notes:Malbec is a deep and bright violet red wine. It has intense and balanced aromas, with rather ripe red fruit and spicy notes. It is generous, smooth and expressive in the mouth, with incipient tannins. Clean, refreshing and well-bodied in the palate, with attractive character. It has a deep and clear finish, with a fully-integrated oak character and good ageing capacity. It is the flagship wine of its variety.
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