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Ca’Del Bosco Carmenero


The story is well-represented on the label ironically by a wolf with lambskin. The Carmenere vine is a native of Bordeaux, confused for a long time with the Cabernet franc. Although organoleptic traits in common, is a grape very different: much more intense and spicy. Ca ‘del Bosco has given the task in 1996 at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Piacenza to reveal the existence, origin and identity. The Carmenero is characterized by very intense color and dark, for that its powerful aroma and spicy, the taste is full, rich and original.

Region:Lombardy, Italy
Tasting Notes:Ruby. Balsam Woods, intense red fruit jam, coffee and plums, BlackBerry Bramble. Soft, supported by long freshness and toasted returns of berries.
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