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Camus Extra Elegance


Extra Elegance is an exceptional assembly of spirits mostly from Borderies, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, all selected for their superb aging potential and complementary wealth. The spirits, water from the Grande Champagne offer excellent long finish, those from the Petite Champagne gives the structure, finally, Borderies bring a velvety texture and pastry notes. After a long aging in cool cellars with high humidity, Extra Elegance reveals the full extent of his capacity. A nice roundness, intense flavors, great finesse and a final remarkable complexity This blend gives birth Cognac to a rich and sophisticated, that will please the most passionate and most demanding connoisseur.

Region:Cognac, France
Tasting Notes:Extra Elegance offers a true flavor cascade its complex and smooth texture has dried violets, pastries, tobacco, leather and nuts, which culminate in a final more velvety.
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