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Camus Ile De Re Double Matured


Distilled on the lees, which enhances the original flavor of the spirits that compose it, Camus Ile de Re Double Matured is the result of a unique aging method. His first aging takes place on the Ile de Re, in the heart of a damp cellar. The eaux-de-vie are then transported to Cognac and sung in drums called “red” toasted specifically to bring a smoked side and some structure. The alliance of these two farms creates an elegant Cognac and original. Pure Ideal, on ice, as an accompaniment to fish or spicy dishes.

Region:Cognac, France
Tasting Notes:Robust, Camus Ile de Ré Fine Island Double Matured offers flavors maritime accents. The mouth is characterized by a perfect balance of smoky and candied fruit buttons with a touch of honey.
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