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Monin Cassis de Dijon (Blackcurrant)


Create velvet-soft beverages with the elegant blackcurrant flavour of MONIN Casis de Dijon liqueur.

Flavour:Sweetness of the blackcurrants
Origins:The blackcurrant berry features a sweet, lightly bitter taste and a dark colour. It is traditionally used in jams, juices, cordials, ice creams and syrups. Félix Kir, appointed mayor of Dijon, France, from 1945 to 1967, gave to this delicious flavour its letters of nobility. He popularized the famous drink called “Kir”, made of white wine and “crème de cassis” or “blackcurrant liqueur”, by offering it at receptions to visiting delegations. Flavour countless beverages with the natural berry taste of MONIN Blackcurrant liqueur!
Colour:Silky dark red.
Alcohol :16%
Tasting Notes:Nose of fresh fruit and blackcurrant bud. Sweet and fruity notes of fresh blackcurrant captured in a thick creamy texture.
Beverage Innovation Directors Tips:Resulting from the maceration of the blackcurrant berries from Dijon, MONIN Blackcurrant liqueur brings this amazing, fruity and intense flavour to your drinks. There are many ways to drink it either on crushed ice or mixed in a cocktail. You can easily flavour ,wine or sparkling wine ,or bring a twist to your mojito cosmopolitans, black Russians. I really like combining MONIN Blackcurrant liqueur in my bramble to make it more velvety and more intense.
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