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Monin Wild Strawberry


A rich aroma of wild strawberries with a light touch of spicy.

Flavour:Wild Strawberry
Origins:Wild Strawberry has a fragrance and flavour more delicate than any other strawberry. MONIN Wild Strawberry liqueur captures this unique, rare and very aromatic taste. Enjoyed all over the world and considered as exclusive for gourmets. This strongly flavoured liqueur will complement your signature drink and delight your guests all year long.
Colour:Ruby red with orange glints.
Tasting Notes:Fresh wild strawberries aroma with a slight acidity and a hint of spice. Very fresh taste. Well balanced between sugar, alcohol and acidity.
Beverage Innovation Director tips:MONIN Wild Strawberry liqueur will allow you to create unique cocktail drinks, such as martinis, margaritas, daiquiris, long drinks, and so on. My favourite uses are basic fizzy drinks such as MONIN Pure Cane Sugar syrup with MONIN Wild Strawberry liqueur, topped with soda. You may also mix it with Le Fruit de MONIN Strawberry and finish with sparkling wine.
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