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Licor 43


Licor 43, sometimes described as “Liquid gold” due to its distinctive golden shine, is Spain’s No.1 selling liqueur. The result of a long standing and renowned tradition from southern Spain, today Licor 43 continues to grow in popularity in cocktail bars around the World and is positioned amongst the premium international liqueurs. The name Licor 43 derives from its 43 basic ingredients: principally fruit and fragrant herbs, with a hint of vanilla, all carefully selected to make Licor 43 a unique and unmistakable drink The exact recipe, derives from a 1,000 year old formula dating back to the Roman Empire.

Tasting Notes:Beautiful gold. Light citrus, vanilla, extremely light touch of warm spice, but not spicy. Almost thought there might be possible hints of saffron, but if there is any saffron it is very faint. Butterscotch, rich buttery toffee, lush, decadent, sweetened like honey without the sharp sugary edge. Lingering sweetness of juicy light flavored citrus. Faintest hint of floral.
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