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Albert Bichot Bourgogne Pinot Noir Secret de Famille


Our Bourgogne Pinot Noir Secret de Famille (“Family Secret”) is crafted from a carefully sourced blend of grapes from prestigious terroirs of the Côte de Nuits (around Chambolle-Musigny, Nuits Saint-Georges, GevreyChambertin, Marsannay…). We treat these wines as “Villages” wines, where yields are restricted and ageing is adapted for each wine.

Region:Bourgogne, France
Grape:Pinot Noir
Vinification:The grapes are handpicked in 25-kg crates. They are sorted once they arrive at the winery and are gravity-fed into tanks. Vinification is carried out according to Burgundian tradition. Maceration and fermentation lasts for 18 to 25 days in conical oak vats. Controlling temperatures allows us to work on different aspects of the wine. First we bring out the fruit of the Pinot Noir grape at temperatures of between 10° and 14°C and then increase temperatures to 20° - 30°C to develop body and tannins. Daily punching of the cap is adapted to each phase of the maceration and extraction processes. During devatting, careful attention is given to pressing which is done very gently and is guided by tastings to ensure that we extract only the highest quality tannins. Our vinification method aims above all at preserving the balance, harmony and expression of these great terroirs.
Tasting Notes:This charming wine features predominant fruity aromas of blackcurrant and wild red berries. Velvety and silky, this wine boasts soft, balanced structure on the palate, which ends with a delicate finish reminiscent of red fruit.
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