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Albert Bichot Bourgogne Pinot Noir Secret de Famille


Our Bourgogne Pinot Noir Secret de Famille (“Family Secret”) is crafted from a carefully sourced blend of grapes from prestigious terroirs of the Côte de Nuits (around Chambolle-Musigny, Nuits Saint-Georges, GevreyChambertin, Marsannay…). We treat these wines as “Villages” wines, where yields are restricted and ageing is adapted for each wine.

Region:Bourgogne, France
Grape:Pinot Noir
Vinification:Temperature-controlled conical oak vats Temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks 18 to 25 days.
Tasting Notes:This charming wine features predominant fruity aromas of blackcurrant and wild red berries. Velvety and silky, this wine boasts soft, balanced structure on the palate, which ends with a delicate finish reminiscent of red fruit.
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