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Braulio Amaro Alpino


In 1875 the botanist Dottore Francesco Peloni developed in the mountain region Bormio, Lombardy the original recipe for the Amaro Braulio valued like today under the quality fanatics at that time. He has nothing to do with industrially made and with artificial flavours addited Amaros. The ingredients for the use of this unique Amaro are exclusively fresh herbs and spring water from the mountain region Valtellina. The herbs are dried at the fresh mountain air and then fermented with spring water and alcohol a month. The manual high-quality product gets in addition, by the way worldwide as the only Amaro, matured for 2 years in oak barrels.

Region:Mountain region Valtellinas, Italy
Tasting Notes:Dark-black colour. Bouquet from flavours of roots and wood, juniper, herbs and mint. Full-bodied and firm herb pleasure, harmonious and round. Lasting with slight bitter notes of gentian root and wormwood.
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