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Frescobaldi Lamaione Merlot Toscana IGT


A powerful expression of Merlot from the heavy clay and arid vineyard, Lamaione. Produced since 1991 on the estate of Castelgiocondo in Montalcino.

Region:Tuscany, Italy
Tasting Notes:A rich ruby red charactises Lamaione 2007. The nose, displaying marked elegance, unfurls an impressive array of aromas. Impressions of fruit are first to emerge, with wild blackberry and blueberry, closely followed by clove, black pepper, and semisweet chocolate; concluding the medley are subtly pungent notes of eucalyptus and star anise. The wine almost explodes on entry, with a profusion of flavours and aromas closely mirroring those on the nose. Alcoholic warmth and a crisp vein of acidity are in mutual balance, while the tannins are emphatic, but finegrained and velvety. The finish seems almost endless.
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